All Austrian parties will nominate their top candidates in the next few months, but the campaigns will only get started in early 2019. Current polls are not yet meaningful as most of the candidates have still to be determined. The latest polls from early September predict a tight race between Conservatives (28%) and Social Democrats (27%) with the Freedom Party (24%) close behind. Liberal Neos (9%) and Green Party (5%) would re-enter the European Parliament, while the newly formed Liste Pilz (2%) would miss out.

Austria will gain one additional seat thanks to the share-out of seats vacated by British MEPs.

The biggest surprise so far has been the change of heart of the former Socialist leader Christian Kern. He initially announced that he would head the SPO list and was considered a likely choice as Spitzenkandidat for the Socialist group. However on 7 October he announced that he was retiring altogether from politics, giving as reason that he did not want to overshadow the position of his successor as SPO leader, the former Health Minister Pamela Rendi-Wagner.

The elections are likely to reveal the deep splits within the governing coalition over Europe and there have already been heated debates between between  Harold Vilimsky from the FPO and Karas from the OVP.

EPP (5 MEPs)

The Austrian government parties Conservative ÖVP (EPP) and right-wing FPÖ (ENF) have not…

S&D (5 MEPs)

Karin Kadenbach MEP will not stand again. 


The only siting MEP Angelika Mlinar has announced that she will not run again.


In 2017 the Austrian Green Party (Grüne/EFA) lost all their seats in the Austrian…

ENF (4 MEPs)

The FPÖ will again run an anti-European campaign with its main focus on migration and…

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