Belgium is entering a busy electoral season with local and provincial elections having taken place on 14 October 2018 and federal and regional elections taking place in May 2019 on the same day as the EP elections. The media are already calling this day “the mother of all elections”. The state reform adopted in 2014 stipulated that federal elections would always coincide with EP elections, meaning that the federal parliament is now elected for a 5-year term rather than 4.

The result of the 14 October local elections fell in with the trend across Europe of the main traditional parties taking a beating. The Socialists, Liberals (MR) and CDH (EPP) all suffered losses in the French-speaking part of the country.  In Brussels and Walloonia it was the Greens who emerged the biggest winners of the night and the far-left PTB made major advances at the expense of the Socialists.

The picture in Flanders was less dramatic, with the N-VA remaining the biggest single market and conserving the major gains made at the last elections. Flanders remains firmly anchored to the right, with the N-VA (ECR) and CD&V (EPP) and Open VLD (ALDE) dominating.

The result puts in question the future of the governing coalition after next May’s elections. Following the last federal elections in 2014, a centre-right government was formed, consisting of N-VA, CD&V, Open VLD and MR, with Charles Michel appointed Prime Minister. This coalition was unique in that it was the first time the Flemish nationalists, N-VA,  participated in a federal government and the first time the French-speaking Socialists were not part of the government in 25 years. It is also unique in that MR is the only French-speaking party.

EPP (4 MEPs)

CD&V have announced that the current Federal Vice Prime Minister and Minister for…

S&D (4 MEPs)

Paul Magnette will lead the PS list for the elections. The mayor of Charleroi rose to…

ECR (4 MEPs)

It is highly likely that acting Flemish Minister President, Geert Bourgeois (N-VA), will…


Frédérique Ries is likely to run again and hopes to be placed 2nd on the MR list. 


Philippe Lamberts, co-president of the Greens, will head the list for Ecolo on a joint…

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