Denmark will hold two elections in 2019 – for the European Parliament (EP) on 26 May and a national election which must be held before June 2019. The EP election will be seen as a secondary election compared to the national one.

The voter turnout during EP-elections in Denmark is above the EU average  (56,3% in 2014) but still very low compared to local and national elections. According to Eurobarometer, the Danes believe that immigration, terrorism and climate changes are our greatest challenges at an EU-level.

The 2019 EP elections will see two new parties: the Red-Green Alliance and The Alternative. They are both represented in the Danish parliament. The Alternative nominated MP, Rasmus Nordqvist, as leading candidate and Red-Green Alliance nominated MP, Nikolaj Villumsen.

The government party, Liberal Alliance, were not elected in 2014 but are running in 2019. They have nominated their Minister for Culture, Mette Bock, as leading candidate and will elect the remaining candidates in January 2019.

If Great Britain leaves the EU before the next election as planned, Denmark will gain an additional seat.

Poll by Norstat from March 2017 (EP Election 2019)

(the number in brackets are the votes from 2014)

Social Democrats – 25,3% (19,1)

Left, Liberal Party of Denmark – 18,8% (16,7)

Danish People’s Party – 18% (29,6)

Red-Green Alliance 7,7% (-)

The Danish Social Liberal Party – 6,8% (6,5)

People’s Movement against the EU – 6,6% (8,1)

Socialist People’s Party – 4,9% (10,9)

Liberal Alliance – 4,7% (2,9)

Conservative People’s Party 4,4% – (9,1)

The Alternative – 2,9% (-)

EPP (1 MEPs)

Det Konservative Folkeparti/ Conservative People’s Party (1 MEP) • Bendt Bendtsen MEP is…

S&D (3 MEPs)

Socialdemokraterne/ Social Democrats • Jeppe Kofod: running as lead candidate • Christel…

ECR (3 MEPs)

Dansk Folkeparti/ Danish People’s Party (3 MEPs) • Morten Messerschmidt (not running) •…


Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti/ Left, Liberal Party of Denmark (1 MEP) • Morten…

GUE (1 MEPs)

Folkebevægelsen mod EU/ People’s Movement against the EU • Rina Ronja Kari (running)…


Socialist People’s Party (Greens) has officially elected their candidates. Margrethe…

Other (1 MEPs)

Rikke Karlsson ( not running) Rikke Karlsson was elected in 2014 for Danish People’s…

. @Ammitzboell_K er i @dr2deadline i aften for at debattere borgerlig klimapolitik med bl.a. @MartinCEPOS. Se med klokken 22:30! #dkpol #dkgreen

Sidst Mette F var i regering, lempede hun udlændingepolitikken 45 gange. @Spolitik går til valg på at lempe udlændingepolitikken igen, ligesom resten af rød blok vil. Det er den forkerte vej. Danmark har brug for en fast og fair udlændingepolitik #dkpol

Støjberg angriber Mette Frederiksen: Hun lempede udlændingepolitikken 45 gange

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