Portugal has always suffered from low turnouts at EP elections, with only 34.5% voting in 2014, and forecasts for 2019 offer little sign of improvement. The issue is not discussed by the media or politicians.   More focus will be on the legislative elections which must take place by September/October 2019 and the big question is whether Antonio Costa can win a majority to govern alone.  He currently presides over a unique coalition of Socialists, Communists (PCP-Partido Comunista Português) and Trotskyists (BE-Bloco de Esquerda) . The coalition has surprised everyone by its relative success but Costa will hope to win a majority where he can govern alone.  A big test will be the presentation of the State Budget in October.

None of the parties have declared their lists.

EPP (8 MEPs)

Nuno Melo (PP) will stand again. José Inacio Faria from the MPT (Earth party) has also…

S&D (8 MEPs)

No announcements have been made


Antonio Marinho Pinto from the Democratic Republican Party (PDR) will stand again.

GUE (4 MEPs)

There have been no announcements from the Democratic Unity Coalition (CDU), PCP or Left…


Former BE MEP Rui Tavares joined the Greens/EFA in 2011 as in independent and then formed…

O secretário-geral socialista, @antoniocostapm, agradeceu aos que “escolheram de forma tão expressiva, clara e inequívoca votar no PS nestas eleições”, acrescentando sentir este resultado como um “voto de confiança” no partido.


“O PS pediu uma vitória clara. Os portugueses responderam e deram uma enorme vitória ao PS”, disse @pmdjmarques


“Cada voto no Bloco vai ser usado para melhorar a vida de quem aqui vive”

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