The political situation in Spain is still coming to terms with the change in government following the vote of no confidence in Mariano Rajoy and his Partido Popular (EPP). In June Pedro Sanchez, leader of the Socialist party (S&D), took charge of a minority government that only has 84 of the 350 seats.  Although it is not their intention, the Socialists might be forced to call early elections if they are unable to obtain the support from a variety of political forces in order to approve any measures. At the moment negotiations are taking place on the  budget, deficit and public debt and the future of the Sanchez government will depend on how they turn out.

The European elections take place on the same day as local and regional elections and risk being over-shadowed by them.

Spain is one of the main beneficiaries of the distribution of additional seats following the departure of British MEPs and will gain 5 extra seats, bringing its representation up from 54 to 59 MEPs.


Many of the sitting MEPs in ALDE are not planning to stand again, including Beatriz…

EPP (17 MEPs)

People’s Party: The People’s Party (PP) has been weakened after losing the no confidence…

S&D (14 MEPs)

Socialist Party: After winning the no-confidence motion, the Socialist Party’s main focus…

GUE (10 MEPs)

Podemos: This left wing party will run for European, regional and local elections in a…


EQUO and Compromis shared the period 2014-2019 between Jordi Sebastia (mid 2014- 2017)…

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